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CCV x Seresilk

CCV delivers a broad range of child, family and youth services, family relationship services, school counselling and pastoral care services, social housing, homelessness and home support services employment and advocacy services across Victoria.

Seresilk founder Taylor Battistella started his first business at age 12, and has since gone on to mentor and present to students across several institutions. At Seresilk we understand and care about the significance of supporting everyone to build the confidence and mental wellbeing to live life to the full.

For the month of August, we are proud to be collaborating with CCV. A portion of revenues generated through this CCV campaign will go towards supporting their counselling and mental health services for Victorians in need.

Building mental health & wellbeing

Mental health is important for all ages, and all stages of life.

Challenges with mental health can affect our relationships, our work, quality of life, and how we view ourselves.

CCV provides a range of compassionate mental health and wellbeing supports including counselling, mental health workshops, and family support services. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to access the support they need to live life to the full.

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