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A Founder's Perspective: Exploring Seresilk's Luxurious Silk Night Serum

Of the four products in the Seresilk routine, the Silk Night Serum is my favourite. Everyone's skin is different, so I am not ashamed to be sharing this with you.


A large motivation behind developing Seresilk was based on my own skin issues as a teenager. It was shocking and also extremely sensitive at the same time; so everything I put on my face would leave me burning, red and blistered.


I wanted to develop a routine that would work for everyone, so after 2.5+ years of development, Seresilk became a reality, and its simple dermatologically tested, approved + suitable for sensitive skin formulations boast the use of only 24 ingredients across our comprehensive - yet simple - night routine.


Why is the Silk Night Serum my favourite product?

It is focused on hydrating the skin by nourishing, optimising and normalising the skin's protective barrier - basically empowering the skin's ability to do its own job better than it otherwise would. Not only are you getting the benefits of the silk amino acids in the serum, but hydrolysed silk is helping to stabilise the formulation and deliver the benefits of vitamin A and hyaluronic acid at the same time. And I haven't even mentioned the serum's texture yet... it is silky itself (I guess that makes sense considering there's real Australian silk inside😅)! It absorbs within seconds, leaving my face feeling as hydrated as ever.


So for me, the Silk Night Serum has everything I'm after in a skincare product! It's honestly my favourite skincare product I've ever used. It's funny though, speaking to customers at a recent Trade Show, everyone had their own favourite; with a pretty even split between each of the four products; Cleanser, Exfoliator, Serum and Cleanser. It makes me proud of the entire routine I have developed.


One lady even walked away and commented to her friend that "[her] left hand felt and looked completely different to [her] right hand after applying it". We both laughed... and I saw her the next morning when she returned to buy the product!

You'll have to test the products for yourself and tell me which is your favourite...


We will continue to zero-in on the topics explored briefly in this story. Interested in finding out more about silk in skincare? Join the Seresilk mailing list and message for any topics you'd like to see covered in future articles.