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  • Silkworms to sculptures, the strange side hustles that are keeping Australians afloat

    He recently launched the ethical silk skincare brand Seresilk and plans to expand his silk sales into other industries.

  • Growing a business from the ground up

    Taylor Battistella, now a Monash Business School graduate aged in his mid-20s and heading his own eco-friendly skincare brand, was no ordinary Grade 6 student.

  • Not Sponsored, Just Good: The best beauty products of September

    It's been a while since I’ve used a skincare product that is as innovative and beautiful as it is simply different and fun!

  • Seresilk Founder / CEO, Taylor Battistella features in studio interview with Ticker

    Seresilk continues to reach new audiences as CEO Taylor Battistella was yesterday featured in an exclusive interview with Mike Loder on Ticker.

  • Skincare startup Seresilk has developed ethical products so the silkworms live after harvest

    Skincare brand Seresilk, is on a mission to create an ethical silk industry and has developed chemical and cruelty-free silk-based products as a first step to achieve that.

  • Seresilk: The skincare that comes from silk

    [Translation] Taylor Battistella turned a hobby, silkworm farming, into a business at the age of 12. After selling silkworms for as many years. In 2023 he launched a line of cosmetics made using the silk's cocoons.

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