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The only brand in the world to use Australian Silk.

Exclusive in nature, backed by science, supported by 5,000+ years of history.

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From the ancient land of “Seres” to Wurundjeri Country.

For 5,000+ years, Chinese silk farmers have been famed for having the softest hands in the world.

Australian Silk

The only skincare brand or products in the world to use Australian silk.

Cruelty Free

Proud to be approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme


Dermatologically tested & approved formulations suitable for sensitive skin.

Explore the Range

Explore the Range

The benefits are real


Seresilk Essentials

Elevate your skincare routine with the complete Seresilk Essentials.

At our core lies the natural art of silk spinning

The meticulous process requires months of expert cultivation. Perfectly ovate in shape, and yielding over 1,000 meters of continuous thread as nature’s strongest yet lightest fibre, each silk cocoon shares its own unique tale of elegance and distinction.


Skincare that transcends time


Simple 4-step routine


Revel in silk's unmatched texture.


Stimulate collagen production


For a silky-smooth feeling

Backed by Science

Silk and its amino acids share a 90% rate of affinity with the human body.

Benefits of Silk Skincare

Restore and repair for youthful radiance

Silk's 18 amino acids help to stimulate collagen production to help empower your skin.

Skin barrier support

Silk's antioxidant properties protect the skin from pollution and free radicals for improved firmness and elasticity.

The true magic of silk has only just started to unravel...

We understand the significance of bespoke rearing practices developed from ancient wisdom passed down through generations. As silk experts, we harness this ancient wisdom to create skincare products for visible results while embracing the elegance and luxury of Australian silk skincare.

Silk Night Serum

Indulge in the silky-smooth texture of this silk-infused serum as it effortlessly melts into your skin.