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Silk is skincare’s best kept secret! Two of the most defining benefits are from silk proteins; sericin and fibroin. Sericin provides a layer of protection which functions as a hydration barrier. This protects the skin from pollutants and contributes to reducing fine lines, wrinkles and resulting in plumper, smoother skin. Fibroin repairs cells and balances skin’s moisture levels. This is hugely beneficial for damaged skin and dehydration.

Silk-moths are domesticated and cannot fly nor eat. Therefore, they are cared for as they mate and lay eggs, for the remainder of their life (approx. 14 days).

We do not release the moths into the wild as being domesticated, they would be eaten.

In order to draw the natural chemicals from the silk shell, it is essential for silk fibres to be dissolved in water. This allows the chemicals to break down into smaller parts - enabling the proteins to be accessible and formulated into our skincare products.

All our silk is derived from Silkworms fed on mulberry leaves - not artificial silkworm food. This silk is often referred to as "Mulberry Silk".

They are fed fresh mulberry leaves up to 3 times a day for approx 30 days and enclosures are cleaned daily. This silk comes from the silk cocoon that the silkworm spins. After 14 days it will emerge as a moth, at which stage cocoons will be collected.

In our self-run facilities we make sure enclosures are not overcrowded so they have comfortable living conditions.

Our products can be used on all skin types. If you are unsure, we recommend using only a small dose to assess its effects, and contacting a health professional for guidance. Seresilk’s current product range works best on normal-slightly dry skin types.

Our practice of processing silk is “Ahimsa”; a nonviolent, cruelty-free method of harvesting products for our formulations.

Our exfoliators however do not constitute “ahimsa”, as the cocoon is cut open and the pupa is moved to a separate container to continue its development into a moth. No silkworms are killed in this process and suppliers meet cruelty-free requirements.

Seresilk is proud to be approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme!

This globally recognisable gold standard for cruelty free products includes adhering to a fixed cut-off date policy, monitoring all materials & products for animal testing ongoing and passing independent audits.

Yes! All of our products use eco-friendly packaging, and are sustainably sourced. Environmentally friendly is our mission.

Our skincare is manufactured locally. Seresilk is in fact the only supplier and hydrolysed silk skincare company in Australia.

Only our silk exfoliator is sourced internationally; from Veneto, Italy.

Seresilk products have a shelf-life of 12 months and should last 12 months after being opened.

Seresilk anti-ageing products' primary ingredient is silk. Silk has been found to have natural healing properties which can contribute to healthier and more youthful looking skin.

The benefits of silk for skin care are abundant. Silk is one of the strongest naturally occurring fibres found in nature, high in amino acids which is crucial for our skin. Silk offers protective benefits from pollutants as well as signs of ageing. Some of these include preventing dark spots, pollution protection, repairing damaged skin cells, hydrating, improving complexion and enhancing skin firmness.

Our pure silk exfoliators are 100% biodegradable - so straight in your compost or green bin!

Our gentle exfoliators are derived from silkworm cocoons and therefore should be kept in dry and well-ventilated areas. Unlike chemical exfoliator products which strip the skin of natural oils, our physical exfoliator removes dead skin cells without the skin trauma.

These should only be used 2-3 times before disposing of.

Our anti-ageing night serum should be used nightly for maximum benefits. This hydrating serum is perfect for reducing those signs of skin fatigue!

Our anti-ageing night cream should be used as part of a skincare routine in conjunction with the night serum daily. This silk face cream will have you waking up with radiant, silky skin.

A pea size amount of our silk cleanser is ideal. This should lather into a creamy consistency.

Our products include Retinyl Palmitate (less than 1%), we would recommend you consult a health professional if pregnant.

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Yes! Seresilk is proudly founded and wholly-operated and owned in Melbourne, Australia.

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