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The only products in the world to use Australian silk.

Australian Silk

5,000+ years of history, reimagined.

A timeless fibre connecting past to present

The Silk Discovery

Silk's origins can be traced back to a discovery by Empress Leizu of China who is said to have discovered silk as a cocoon dropped into her tea from above, and gently unravelled in 2,700 BC. Its elegance and natural beauty was immediately recognised, and led to the expansion of an ever-growing industry of silk production which the silkworm is the focus.

For 2,500 years, the royal family of China had kept the secret of Silk to themselves. The material was sold to the rulers of the West, but the source of the shiny thread that made the material was not revealed. The penalty in China for revealing the true source of the shiny thread was in fact death!

From China to the World

How did Silk come to be found by the rest of the world? Two poor monks told Emperor Justinian of Constantinople that they had learned the secret of Silk, after arriving back in Constantinople after travelling to China. Justinian sent them back to China to get some eggs and mulberry shoots for him, so that he too could raise Silkworms and create beautiful products made of Silk. The Monks returned many years later with the eggs and shoots hidden inside their hollowed-out walking sticks. Since Justinian was the emperor of Constantinople, a crossroads city, the secret soon spread throughout Europe. This trek the monks took, has now come to be known as the Silk Road, and this road was a major breaking point in what in now modern-day trade.

Silkworm Life Cycle Explained

The Secret Benefits Behind Silk Proteins

18 Amino Acids

The secret to Seresilk lies in Seresilk's uniquely Australian silk and its three main amino acids; glycine, alanine and serine, which help emulate the skin's natural moisturising factor to improve hydration and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

The sericin protein's remedial properties help support cell regeneration, and elasticity for increased skin firmness while the glycine and alanine amino acids protect the skin from the effects of pollution by scooping up free radicals through their antioxidant properties.

In fact, the comprehensive 4-step routine is so powerful that it uses only 24 ingredients to truly let the silk shine.