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Every purchase you make contributes loyalty points which go towards your personalised account.

Make the most of your Seresilk Exclusive by...

  • Liking and following us on social media!

  • Earning 1 point for every $ spent on our site

  • Sharing Seresilk or referring your friends

  • Redeem 300 points for a $25 voucher

How It Works.

Build up your points and redeem them on your favourite Seresilk products or gift to someone you love!

Your points are redeemable at a proportional rate of $25 (voucher) for every 300 points earned.

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Ways to Earn and Spend.

200 Points

1 Point for every $1 Spent

75 Points

25 Points

25 Points

50 Points

$10 Voucher

Your points are redeemable on a proportional basis.

Want to redeem $50 at once? You can spend 600 points!

Only have 300 points? Redeem for a $25 voucher!

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