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Empowering Change Through Silk

Empowering Change Through Silk

Seresilk's ultimate goal is to build an Australian silk industry that showcases Australia's premium quality level silk. It's an ambitious goal given the current state of play - but it's one that we're committed to.


Given Seresilk's desire to help incite change, but recognising the enormity of the challenge ahead, Seresilk has pledged 1% of online sales to support our brand pillars of empowerment, diversity and environment. It's a small contribution, but this means that while the company continues to work on supporting growth and building a new industry, it can help support the great work being done by other Australian charities and help balance change - now - with investing in the future.


We already know that silk has the potential to transform industries beyond luxury garments and cosmetics - from knee reconstructions to rocket ships - but only if we can help produce and refine the silk manufacturing process using trusted Australian practises.


We have chosen three charities that support each of the Seresilk brand pillars.


Greening Australia - Environment

Seresilk has partnered with Greening Australia, who have been restoring Australia’s unique landscapes and protecting biodiversity for over 38 years.

Your donation will support Greening Australia’s mission is t


Children's Ground - Diversity

Seresilk has partnered with Children’s Ground, an organisation committed to creating a new future for children filled with promise, hope and empowerment.

Your donation will support The Children’s Ground Approach; a 25-year strategy to transform Community and Systems Change.


Good ShepherdEmpowerment

Seresilk has partnered with Good Shepherd Australia, who challenges the critical and ongoing issues facing women, girls and families, by providing crisis services, housing, financial wellbeing.

Your donation will ensure women do not fall through the cracks and provides support to turn family’s lives around.


We will continue to zero-in on the topics explored briefly in this story. Interested in finding out more about silk in skincare? Join the Seresilk mailing list and message for any topics you'd like to see covered in future articles.

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