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Pure Silk: An Exfoliator Unlike Any Other

Pure Silk: An Exfoliator Unlike Any Other

Did you know that silk has been used in skincare for 4,000+ years? Crazy, right!


Taylor Battistella launched Everything Silkworms as a 12-year-old schoolboy, after rearing 100 silkworms in a shoebox from his bedroom. One month and 25,000 eggs later, Battistella began selling silkworms to retailers and Australian schools around the country. Studying silkworms at school ignited a passion for silkworms that continues to grow over a decade later.


Seresilk is the world’s first skincare range made with Australian silk. Thanks to its proven skin benefits and as nature's strongest but lightest natural fibre, silk cocoons have been used in skincare for close to 5,000 years - dating back to its discovery in Ancient China.


Application of the Pure Silk Exfoliator is a truly unique experience. Simply soak it in water, cleanse, and within minutes, the natural cocoon is ready to be gently applied in circular motions on the cheeks, forehead and décolletage.


As the exfoliator effortlessly glides over skin, it delicately buffs away impurities, reducing inflammation and revitalising the complexion. The natural silk composition works to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, boost collagen production and enhance skin elasticity.


Harnessing the Power of Silk

Silk boasts an impressive 18 active amino acids. For perspective, the human body only has 20 amino acids, meaning we share 90% of our amino acids with those found in silk. This remarkable affinity allows silk to mimic the skin's natural moisturising factor, reducing trans-epidermal water loss and improving hydration. Additionally, silk's antioxidant properties help combat the damaging effects of pollution by neutralising free radicals.


Fascinated by the history of silk, Battistella recounts hearing about the women working in Chinese silkworm farms, famous for having the softest hands in the world. Learning about the benefits of silk in skincare, and at a cross-roads in his career progression while trapped in Milan, Italy on exchange during COVID lockdowns in 2020, he decided he would create the world's first cruelty-free, Australian silk skincare brand.


Context on Traditional Sericulture Methods

A single silkworm grows faster than any other animal on earth and will multiple up to 10,000 times its original size in just one month. “That is the equivalent of a newborn baby growing to over 33,000kg in the same amount of time,” adds Battistella.


Over its month as a lava, the silkworm feeds solely on mulberry leaves and spins its cocoon as it prepares for metamorphous. The end result is a single, continuous thread of silk up to 1,000m long. In typical sericulture, this cocoon would then be boiled to maintain its continuous length to be spun into silk garments. A single silk tie requires 1,000 cocoons alone - meaning it would use up to one million metres of silk.


While silk has been used in skincare for thousands of years with impressive results, China - the world's largest producer - understandably has kept rearing practices a closely-guarded secret.


A Commitment to Ethical Practices

Seresilk sets itself apart by adopting ethical practices - meaning no silkworms are killed in its rearing processes. This can be achieved thanks to the business's synergies with Battistella's first business, Everything Silkworms. Seresilk puts the waste silk through a scientific process called hydrolysis and the end result is a liquid form of silk called hydrolysed silk which is used in all Seresilk formulations with all the same benefits, without the unnecessary killing.


Not only is Seresilk looking after the silkworms, but also building an industry and making the most of materials which until now have gone to waste in Australia.


We will continue to zero-in on the topics explored briefly in this story. Interested in finding out more about silk in skincare? Join the Seresilk mailing list and message for any topics you'd like to see covered in future articles.

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